We invest in stars!

If you have the killer idea, the drive, the energy and most importantly the ambition and are willing to stick it long term, then we are the team for you. Give us a shout !

Maktoob was born out of a simple idea developed by two young entrepreneurs, who at the time battled the norms of traditional business in the Arab World, but with a vision that the Arabic Internet will grow and become an integral part of everybody's life, Maktoob became an inspiring success story in the region after its sale to Yahoo.

Jabbar was then setup by the same group of entrepreneurs, and continues to grow and make way in the internet sector in the region. It is in this spirit that we embrace any entrepreneur in the Arab World who is willing to innovate and take risks in order to create something great.

Jabbar nurtures such individuals and supports nascent ideas that are in line with its mission. So join our journey :-)


  • ArabiaWeather

    The first and only online weather portal for the Middle East

  • Araby

    Arabic domain name service

  • BKAM?

    The leading price comparison site in the Middle East

  • Cashu

    Safe Online Payment Solution

  • Cobone

    Leading daily deals site in the Middle East

    Exit to Tiger

  • IKoo

    The largest online ad network in the Region

  • Instabeat

    Wearable performance measuring device for swimmers

  • Maktoob

    First and largest Arabic online portal sold to Yahoo

    Exit to Yahoo

  • Newsgroup

    The leader in news content monitoring, management and creation

  • Nibras

    Video e-learning platform

  • Officerock

    The first online office products store

  • Payfort

    Online payment processor

  • Souq

    The leading e-commerce site in the Middle East

  • Sukar

    The first fashion flash sale website in the Middle East

  • Tahadi

    Online games publisher for the Middle East


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